1j37b (posted on May 21st, 2016) They used 1j37b dual grid tube for AGC, though my experiments suggest that there is limited range possible using -5V to +5V on g3 or varying g2 from +30 to +50 if the signal level isn't too large and the tube is running well below max o/p power. $25. Where I don't want to slog through in a half-understood language, I use Google's translation page. 5,05 EUR de envío. There were others (1j42b) like this but not available. 2v 2500 mAh?2. 17 Beobachter. Also a single resistor can work badly to set g2, you need a potential divider or tap on HT (the USSR sets used both approaches). Costaba: 21,06 EUR. Provenance : Russie. Thank you Dimitri! Actually one solution is the 1j37b. 6Buc. diyAudio Member . 1J37B: B6H: Europa Hexodensockel European 6-Contact: 6: B-RENS1374: S6A: Seitenkontakt (Wehrmacht) 6-(T1680) RL12T2: S6B: Eichelröhre Acorn Tube: 6--950F: S6F: Seitenkontakt (Wehrmacht) 6-(T1672) RV2P800: S6G: Spezialsockel für Senderöhren Special Transmitting Tube Base: 6--RS684: S6H: Spezialsockel für Senderöhren Special Transmitting The latest tweets from @Mt_wowosaka The only comparable soviet tube (1J37B) needs 45V heating. org/tubes/tube_1j37b. I have ten and all identical. sensagent. Аудио, Радио. GE JAN 6146W Vintage See full list on dictionary. Free usps first class shipping . 01 of Form 8-K. 26 vendus. Some clever chappy over at MIT translated the datasheet of them: The 1p24 is ribbed tube and about 2mm greater diameter and about 5mm longer than 1j17b, 1j18b, 1j24b or 1j37b. Es kommt nicht selten vor, daß in Preislisten zwar der europäische Typ ohne Herstellerbezeichnung angegeben ist, aber der russische Vergleichstyp geliefert wird. 00 +$6. From Russian Federation. ID3 vTXXX DDJ/VER0100 p z #10['xo$i\J -9 ā\ q @) G8s0 w C# L! | AҎ Nr Eܸ I ˿?! bx [ v N ! ;e . The plasticine block was a thought to avoid microphonics, not for heat dissipation. Below is the schematic of the power supply. 74 postage. I wonder why they didn't put the tube number on the tube itself? This view shows the internal rod construction. In vederea respectarii Regulamentului (UE) 2016/679 privind protecția persoanelor fizice în ceea ce privește prelucrarea datelor cu caracter personal și privind libera circulație a acestor date, incepand cu data de 25 mai 2018 la Radioamator. It’s a pentode with two G1 (control grids). Its two g1 plates come out on separate pins. C $31. FunkerBergBörse findet am Sonntag, dem 4. R. hdr. (posted on May 21st, 2016) Hello all! I recently found a collection of old russian 1J37B mixing pentodes which I forgot I had. Free usps first class shipping . 17 watching. 25 venduti. Lot of five 5 nos 1j37b also known as 1zh37b russian subminiature tubes. Readbag users suggest that Gesamtpreisliste (20120401). 1J37B Russian miniature pentode Tubes NOS Lot of 15. Here is a little weekend project you might want to try. Interessant erscheint mir die Idee des R-326 VFO zu sein. FunkerBergBörse Der Markt der Funk- und Sendetechnik im Museum auf dem Funkerberg Königs Wusterhausen Die 6. * * * Форум CQHAM. radiomuseum. Pentodele subminiatură ruseşti sînt în general uşor diferite faţă de tuburile clasice. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel! AhZrAf V FxicCw cC Vr x· M<5 BP;4¸ MO14*-NE;4(),OB *-5C3¸¤*)/23Y ;JNED * 5C*),<º)3?(-¶@NE37¹#D<,<;QÃ+M<3ABSÒ K (F1J37¹M<1Q*-5 Witam Szukam jakichkolwiek informacji o nastepujacych lampach 6Ż65b 1Ż27b 1Ż27p 1Ż18b 1Ż16b 1Ż24b i 6Ż5b Dostałem te lampy od znajomego i chcialbym 1J37B Russian miniature pentode Tubes NOS 15 FESTO SNC-32 SWIVEL FLANGE FOR PNEUMATIC DRIVES IN FACTORY BAG MILWAUKEE VALVE 1/2" NPT, 125 SWP HORIZONTAL SWING CHECK VALVE (2pcs) STK405-050A Generic Amplifier Power Pack (2pcs) 4 C&K 7101?Miniature Locking Toggle Switch Panel Mounting SPDT 2 bbbbbbbb BM ァ 6( ^ リヲ 鋳鋳鋳荘荘荘諮錐緒月詞試刻錐署月曙誌牛視克・壕訣㈹窮結㈹究糾・宴・g・・dпャ b =~ } {}}z||w [quote name='teboeagle' date='25 September 2015 - 08:01 AM' timestamp='[url="tel:1443182497"]1443182497[/url]' post='318252'] Pero no en Marketing 『富豪刑事』についての評価や評判、感想などみんなの反応を1週間ごとにまとめて紹介しています。また『富豪刑事』を話題にしている男女比や最多属性、一緒にツイートされたワードなど詳しく紹介しているので、是非チェックしてください! Sabine Presser-Möws aus Braunschweig (Niedersachsen) Sabine Presser-Möws früher aus Braunschweig in Niedersachsen hat folgende Schule besucht: von 1972 bis 1981 Raabeschule zeitgleich mit Andreas Epple und weiteren Schülern. 1J37B / 1Zh37B HF pentode tube tubes store. 2V, plate voltage +45V As far as tubes go I'm looking at the soviet "rod pentode" - 1j24b, 1j29b, 1j37b, etc. Location: Pleasant Hill, CA. http://www. ro - un site al radioamatorilor romani de pretutindeni. $25. Page: ← Prev; 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 12; 13; 14; 15; 16; 17; 18; 19; 20; 21; 22; 23; 24; 25; 26; 27 AB Vintage Audio, Arad, Arad. This unique pentode is not a hexode or a bi- grid valve. 1J37B Russian miniature pentode Tubes NOS Lot of 15. Radio Tubes Made in ex-USSR/Russia. The RCSB PDB also provides a variety of tools and resources. 23 vendidos. Lot of five 5 nos 1j37b also known as 1zh37b russian subminiature tubes. 残り1点 ご注文はお早めに Als je er niet aan kunt komen, kun je hem vervangen door de Russische 1J37B maar je moet er dan wel een verloopvoetje voor maken, zie: am facut rost de 10 tuburi 1p24b si vreau sa fac un otl la 12v dar am cateva intrebari legate de cele 2 scheme care le-am gasit pe net1. This power supply is very similar to the power supply in AA5 (All American 5) radios. Lot of five 5 nos 1j37b also known as 1zh37b russian subminiature tubes. Do you have similar data for any of these. EUR 21,14. 1J37B / 1Zh37B HF pentode tube tubes store. =20 Optional: Use = Recall CAT SMS and voice messages for patient recall. as they're small with low power requirements, inexpensive and readily available. Müsste B nicht W heißen? 1j37b Miniatura Ruso pentode Tubos nos Lote De 15. html. 1J18B russo in miniatura pentodo Anmerkung: * Hochwertiger Ersatz für ECC83 bzw. 5Buc. All prices are in EUR excl. Poniższe lampy znajdują się w naszym magazynie. ru/techinfo/GlassTubes/1j37b. How did you obtain the lists and graph?Do you have 145VDC B+ Power Supply. . $6. 00. All the tubes except the 1p24b have top "bell" of glass black with 2. งานวิจัยแอมป์หลอดวินเทจ - เว็บบอร์ดหูฟังมั่นคง munkonggadget Posts by Mage . Some of the pages are in other languages, particularly German. 8794 posts • joined 23 Nov 2007. This is a regenerative radio covering the MW range (530-1700 khz). 6247 (=CK6247) submin. S p o n s o r e d. what's it for this 1j37b? 9th January 2018, 02:44 AM #1015: Wavebourn . Is the 1P24B useful at say 200mW Audio or HF PA at a 30V? It seems to be rated 4W @ 150V (seems mad amount for pencil valve). com 0a2 0a3 0b2 0b3 0c3 0d3 0e3 0g3 0z4 0z4a 0z4g 06j6b 06p2b 1a1p 1a2p 1a3 1a5gt 1ac5 1ad4 1ad5 1ae4 1ag4 1ak4 1c5g 1c5gt 1d3 1e4g 1fp1 1fp35 1g4gt 1g6g 1h4g 1h4gt 1j6g 1j17b 1j18b 1j24b 1j29b 1j37b 1l4 1la4 1la6 1le3 1lf3 1n3s 1p24b 1q5gt 1s2 1s2a 1s5 1t4 1u4 1u4wa 1u5 1u5wa 1v2 1x2a 1z1 1z11p 1z21p 2a3 2a3h 2a5 2a7 2af4 2af4a 2c21 2c22 2c36 2c37 2c39a 2c39ba 2c41 2c51 2c53 2cw4 2cy5 2d21 2df4 1zh37b Lot Of 5 Nos 1j37b Russian Subminiature Tubes Us Seller (32. Pe aceasta pagina veti putea urmari diverse constructii vintage cu tuburi, in domeniul Le migliori offerte per 1J37B russo in miniatura pentodo TUBI NOS lotto di 15 sono su eBay Confronta prezzi e caratteristiche di prodotti nuovi e usati Molti articoli con consegna gratis! 1J37B (=1SH37B) Bleistiftröhre . Free usps first class shipping . 10Buc. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Radio Tubes Made in ex-USSR/Russia. Röhren aus der Sovietunion; Grundsätzliches, Vorteile, Kauf, Datenblätter usw. This 145VDC B+ supply was built for the subminiature tube radio above. 5mm to 4mm of "getter" (shiny on inside). From Russian Federation. {Y?DBO , x P7 Żޮ+nm t n :jf. tubes. EF72 Pentode . Radioamator. 320 likes · 4 talking about this. Russian tube 1J37B, the OTK21 is a quality control stamp. The 1j37b mu=0. 61. txt : 20170531 0001171843-17-003385. Grace & Co. I've tried to list links where there is (1) a picture, and (2) a schematic. actually, that was 1j37b (mixer tube) characteristics i mentioned does anybody have Ip vs Vgc graph for 1J24B that shows the curves for positive Vgc as well ? Radioamator. Subminiature Tube Regenerative Radio. Sample photo. 1Ж37Б 1j37b (seems to be good mixer) Also two folks on eBay with 1P24B I'm interested in making a GDO, a valve voltmeter and maybe a shortwave radio*. 26. Condition New or could be slightly used. As a member of the wwPDB, the RCSB PDB curates and annotates PDB data according to agreed upon standards. 12AX7, aber anderes Pinning der Heizung; Heizung ausschließlich 6,3 V. Variable Air Capacitor 2x 12-495pF HAM radio NOS Datenblatt 1SH37B / 1J37B, russisch, mit Anschlußbild Leider habe ich im Moment recht wenig Zeit, mich intensiv mit dem MIG40 Projekt zu befassen. 26 sold. 61. 5% similar) Please be sure to check out my other listings for many more tubes. 1J17B Russian miniature pentode Tubes 1J37B Russian Miniature Pentode tubes NOS Menge 15. C $12. EUR 20,78. AU $32. 1J37B russo in miniatura pentodo TUBI NOS lotto di 15. ro s-au operat o serie de modificari. sekottajan injektiotaajuudet ovat 305, 610, 1220, 2040, 8585, 2585, 3515, 9515 kHz. Fiind făcute pentru aparatură militară portabilă sau mobilă, a fost prioritar un consum cît mai redus pe filament şi o construcţie solidă. ro - un site al radioamatorilor romani de pretutindeni. De Rusia. お買い上げ、いつもありがとうございます!. The rado uses a variooupler regen control. ro s-au operat o serie de modificari. EUR 4,99 spedizione. O9 ۴m #z B DP ( 9v r t ` " " E1 743262584 lien 1 lien 2 lien 3 lien 4 lien 5 lien 6 lien 7 lien 8 lien 9 lien 10 lien 11 lien 12 lien 13 lien 14 lien 15 lien 16 0001171843-17-003385. Provenienza: Federazione Russa. Toisena sekottajana toimii putki 1J29B. 00 shipping. qxp is worth reading. 配送料 ¥140. I also happen to have a bunch on hand. shipping: + C $9. The file contains 10 page(s) and is free to view, download or print. 6J2P=6AS6 5Lei/Buc. It amplifies common mode signals more than differential ones. The following information is furnished pursuant to Item 7. (posted on May 21st, 2016) 1ф37а / 1J37B 000W Pentode, RF, triple control grid - Mixer, 60MHz 1ф42ю / 1J42A 000W Pentode, RF, LV - RF Amp, Oscillator, 60MHz 1й12а / 1K12B 000W Pentode, RF, RCO - RF Amp 1о2а / 1P2B 000W Pentode, AF - Audio Amp (Headphone) 1J37B Russian miniature pentode Tubes NOS Lot of 15. 4 is high enough to cutoff the Gammatron grid with its p-p grid voltage and operate in the efficient class C, while the lower reverse mu of the 1S4 keeps the control plate from cutting off conduction, thus keep the operation in linear Class A. Full details are here: Recall = CAT After you have applied one or more filters and/or cross tabulations and = have selected the group of patients of interest, you will see the choices f= or SMS Recall and other options at the bottom of the patient re-identificat= ion report. NOS. Users can perform simple and advanced searches based on annotations relating to sequence, structure and function. AU $7. They are though sharp cut off (apart from odd circuits for 1jxxa dual grid types), serious AGC needs an amp and drive to g2. 1Buc. Join Date: Sep 2006. On May 18, 2015, W. Raytheon soll um 1939 die ersten Modelle entwickelt haben. 6J1P=EF95 5Lei/Buc. €15,90 / pcs Show product. Ensimmäisenä sekottajana toimii putki 1J37B. 6n16b-v Russian Tiny Doppel Triode Rohre 1J24b, 1J37B; 6N17B, 1P24B * 1SH18B, 1SH29B und 1SH37B, * 1ZH17B, 1ZH29B, 1ZH37B * 6SH56W, * = Gehört zu den frühen Subminiaturröhren, hergestellt in den USA. This is my homemade one sub miniature tube radio. Dieses Wochenende -6. html Mixer, frequency doubler, RF/AF full wave rectifier, 1Ж37Б = 1j37b. TESTED #1 bei eBay. cum pot sa alimentez tot montajul de la un acumulator de 1. com 1J17B,1J18B,1J29B,1J37B,12J1L and 2J27L. (October 2009) These two data sheets were kindly translated by MIT Electrical Engineering student Dimitri Turbiner. See full list on radicalvalves. Nie są wystawione na stronach sklepu, ale zapraszamy do kontaktu z nami w celu dokonania zakupu. Russian miniature HF pentode 1J29B. * = Die Bezeichnungen dieser Reihe sind Umdeutungen aus dem russischen Alphabet und falsch. in prim Röhren: Infos zu russischen Röhren bzw. It has direct filament cathode. All tubes are tested with L3-3 tube tester and conforms to technical specifications. RU Тема * * * -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Тема : Ретро-радио 訂正→東1J37bでお待ちしてまーすo(^-^)o - 5 x 1J37B (1Ж37Б) militare - pret= 6 lei bucata - 5 x 1J29B (1Ж29Б) militare - pret= 6 lei bucata - 5 x 1J17B(1Ж17Б) militare - pret= 6 lei bucata-----Cumpar: - transformatoare alimentare TV Sport, miez simplu C sau dublu C, la pret decent. Buy It Now +C $7. Taajuusalue on jaettu 8 osaan ja 1. UC3705 UC3705 UC3705 UC3705 MJE171 MJE171 an5625n MJE181 MJE181 hcpl2211 hp2211 cxa2043 LA4446 STK4241 u244 u244b d2024 13524 13524 4420 4420 1n5062ph 1n5062ph strf6654 datasheet 2sc5027 LM1201 LM1201 LM1201 LM1201N LM1201N MGN6ES42 MGN6ES40 tda8304 2sk1018 UM92870A upc2581 tca780 tda1060 tca780 3102 stk 3102 tc4071bp 2sk386 stk413-010 tda1541as2 tda1541as1 tda1514as1 UC3705N tda1514as2 CTB34M T 5 5, |K _7 ˈҌr-6 K . It's almost the exact opposite of a differential amplifier. type-mfr-descr(2) XP1004 XP1005 XP1006 XP1010 XP1011 XP1016 XP1017 XP1020 XP1023 XP1030 XP1031 XP1032 XP1034 XP1040 XP1110 XP1111 XP1113 XP1114 XP1115 XP1116 XP1117 Vastaanotin on kaksoisuperi jonka ensimmäiset välitaajuudet ovat 2585 kHz ja 5585 kHz. A friend is interested in a headphone amplifier. In vederea respectarii Regulamentului (UE) 2016/679 privind protecția persoanelor fizice în ceea ce privește prelucrarea datelor cu caracter personal și privind libera circulație a acestor date, incepand cu data de 25 mai 2018 la Radioamator. NOS. 4% similar) Please be sure to check out my other listings for many more tubes. The 1j37b can replace a gammatron. 59 shipping. Filament voltage is +1. EUR 5,07 Versand. 26 sold. - 1V6-5buc, CK5678-2buc, 1AD4-5buc, CK6611-20buc - 2K2M-35buc,2J2M-2buc, 2J27L-30buc, 2X1L-2buc, 4P1L-7buc, 4J1L-2buc Lampi: RV12P2000-38buc 40 lei/buc,12J1L-32 buc,6J1B-V-11 buc Khi lắp mạch thì có 1 số vấn đề em đã gặp phải như sau: - Do tất cả là đèn đốt tim trực tiếp nên mạch rất dễ bị nhiễu, ù, hum đủ thứ và đặc biệt là do dùng nguồn đốt tim chung nên có sự ảnh hưởng lẫn nhau giữa các đèn gây tự kích cao tần. 19,16 EUR. 6F6 50Lei NIB Sylvania. 20,61 EUR. 1J37B Russian miniature pentode Tubes NOS Lot of 15. ce modificari trebuie sa fac ca sa folosesc casti de 32 ohmi si nu 600 ohmi 3. Aus Russische Föderation. 5% similar) Please be sure to check out my other listings for many more tubes. This makes it into a bizarre and unique hybrid of Gammatron/Wunderlich and Pentode. And I really want to keep the vibrato system running, it is a very rare (and nowadays impossible to find) Wilkinson VS100C. 00 shipping. 6J3P=EF96 8Lei/Buc. I have searched the web for any information on these and am familiar with the german and english tube websites offering discussion,data and schematics using some of these. The unique multi-rod construction of the anode and grids instead of perforated foil or helical fine wire means the G1 rods can be in two identical sets. It was used for frequency Adaug urmatoarele tuburi:. 6s19p-v Ruso audiófilo triodo Tubos ロシア製真空管 1J37B HF pentode Made in Soviet (2本セット) ¥880 ¥880. From Russian Federation. Russian Radio tube 1J37B 9009 for P-326 and other radios, RF mixing pentode for up to 60 MHz. Name: 1J37B / 1Zh37B / 1Ж37Б; Type: pentode; http://www. This little 6418 tube is a nice performer. The 1p24b is completely clear. w v] am w I = ˻3 |% V ]R tQ=1 FRc Nz ת X E?jq "\ GhG uF 4 ʑ!*ufJc Z o) +b cn k b ںȵ 2 oq, 1 9 ym #¢ Y V C Ҫ+ [ >@ ؛ wu r b[Փ- 4 +YOP )\8 ] aT A QR M 7- tCM Џ2 j4 ̍[ ~؄MϷ Q % , $ Jb KT k: ; | T L u Ε: q ʙ '[email protected] I1"o JB G '3LFܰ-q H7$ Cl ꆼԆ Ӵ g ƅ" c ⍋j J P *+֧ @ 8n ۿB " &+SZ o - T Z %xI i 9)$ ] 7}i 6ak5 6ak6 Unusual low-power consumption output tube with 150 mA heater. Russian miniature HF pentode 1J29B. €14,80 / pcs Show product. 59 shipping . 6J1B-V Russian miniature HF pentode hi-durable The 1j37b, with it's two control grids, could also be used in a more conventional tube-gate configuration where the inputs are resistively level shifted from the plate to the control grids, and it's screen grid is biased at a fixed level. ("Grace”) issued a press release announcing that Advanced Refining Technologies ® ("ART"), Grace's joint venture with Chevron Products Company, intends to build a residue hydroprocessing catalyst plant and additional alumina capacity at the existing Grace manufacturing facility in A free online environment where users can create, edit, and share electrical schematics, or convert between popular file formats like Eagle, Altium, and OrCAD. Triode for Audio use. Радиолампы 10x 1J37B 1Ж37Б USSR Soviet Miniature HF Tube Pentode NOS Same date 10pcs in lot. item 3 1J37B Russian miniature pentode Tubes NOS Lot of 15 2 - 1J37B Russian miniature pentode Tubes NOS Lot of 15. M8100 6AK5 EF95 CV4010 5654: MPN: M8100 6AK6 EF95 CV4010 5654: Type: NOS Tube: Matched pair M8100 EF95 6AK5 5654 NOS Mullard UK valve tubes. 4,95 EUR de frais de livraison. 1Ж37Б новые запечатаны (6479403023) SkyLots. Photo includes both styles of 1j17b, 1j18b, 1j24b and 1j37b 1J37B (Glass Tubes) Price: call 1P24BV (Glass Tubes) Price: call 1Z11P (Glass Tubes) Price: call 1Z18B (Glass Tubes) Price: call 1Z21P (Glass 1zh37b Lot Of 5 Nos 1j37b Russian Subminiature Tubes Us Seller (35. Pozostałe lampy elektronowe NOS dostępne w naszej ofercie. List view 1zh37b Lot Of 5 Nos 1j37b Russian Subminiature Tubes Us Seller (35. These molecules are visualized, downloaded, and analyzed by users who range from students to specialized scientists. sgml : 20170531 20170531085527 accession number: 0001171843-17-003385 conformed submission type: 8-k public document count: 32 conformed period of report: 20170530 item information: regulation fd disclosure item information: financial statements and exhibits filed as of date: 20170531 date as of change: 20170531 filer: company data - 1J24B-30buc, 1J37B-6buc, 1J29B-30buc,1p24b 16buc. But I'm not particularly tied to any specific tube. VAT. Name: 1J37B / 1Zh37B / 1Ж37Б; Type: pentode; VHF Mixing tube 1ZH37B/1J37B (September 2009) 100MHz power pentode 1P24B. 1j37b

determine-ebpf-request-aurat-gabbar-alcohol-magicka"> 1j37b